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January 11, 2013
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PMD-E- App - Starlight Striders by StarLynxWish PMD-E- App - Starlight Striders by StarLynxWish
Application for :iconpmd-explorers:

Collab Team between :iconstarlynxwish: and :iconmiamaha:

This Team is free to use for Cameos!





:bulletblack:Age: 19
:bulletred:Species: Zorua
:bulletblack:Nature: Adamant
:bulletred:Trait: HATES to lose

Illusion - Comes out disguised as another Pokémon

:bulletpurple: Personality: Competitive, Stubborn and aloof, are words that describe the team leader, Shion.
Around the Town, she's known to be quiet and often minding her own business, if she comes out of her home. If confronted she will do basic politeness-es but will rarely smile. She has a mean competitive spirit which often is a driving force for a lot of things she does. She is incredibly prideful and has difficulty submitting to a lower position and always has an urge to battle against those attempting to make her submit. She doesn't take very well to authority figures because of this. Shion refuses to take on any sort of verbal violence and is ready to create a shield for herself or her team-mates if that's the case.
Shion was a traveler before she arrived at Tao Village and became a rogue with Lavi. Because of her travels, she has extensive knowledge about other languages and cultures, also being highly adaptable to sudden change. Her personality softens only towards Lavi, who gets to see a gentler, more silly, mischevious and warm side.

:bulletpurple: Extra Info/Facts:

- Shion comes from a multicultural family. This in turn, adds to the knowledge she gathered from her travels
- Her family is made up of a Zoroark father, and a Sawsbuck mother. She has two siblings, one being her little brother, who evolved before her and is now a Sawsbuck too.
- She has a big step-brother, however, he doesn't live with them.
- Despite her sincere and honest nature, Shion doesnt speak about herself or her feelings a lot
- she can at times, be found talking or whispering to herself.
- She has a love and admiration for stars.
- She highly dislikes Honchcrow and Murkrow
- She has a terrible case of Wanderlust, and tends to get snappy when she gets frustrated about not being able to travel. During these phases she can be found walking around in circles, trying to calm herself down.

:bulletpurple:Theme Songs:

:bulletblack: Sweet Dreams - Sucker Punch:…
:bulletred: Leia - Doubie Cover:…
:bulletblack: Everybody Breaks a Glass - Lights Dead Battery Remix:…
:bulletred: Wavin' Flag - Young (Canadian) Artists for Haiti:…
:bulletblack: Witch Hunt - Megurine Luka (English Cover):…
:bulletred: Hallelujah - Justin Robinett & Michael Henry Cover:…
:bulletblack: Redemption - InnerPartySystem :…
:bulletred: I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin:…

- Basic Bow

:bulletpurple: Artifacts:
- Ancient Scroll





:bulletwhite:Age: 18
:bulletgreen:Species: Cottonee
:bulletwhite:Nature: Jolly
:bulletgreen:Trait: Often Lost In Thought

:bulletblue: Abilities:
Infiltrator - Passes through the foe's barrier and strikes.
Prankster - Gives priority to a status move.

:bulletblue: Personality: Lavi can be described as a sweet, cheerful, fun-loving Cottonee. She enjoys making others smile or laugh and wishes to please or be helpful. However, because of her appearance, pokemon often do not and can not take her seriously, which irks her more than anything. Although she is pretty lenient and understanding when it comes to various things, do not think her a complete pushover. She may usually just take the insults or unnecessary comments she receives (her thoughts and words can not work well in such situations or she feels no need to respond), simply fuming or thinking about them on the inside, she is willing to show n angrier side and stand up for those who matter to her. She often thinks about such things – showing that fiercer side of her that will show them all just what she’s capable of.

:bulletblue: Extra Info/Facts:
-As much as she can be the most loyal, trustworthy, and caring of friends, she is also rather detached, not putting too much effort if a friendship ends up slowly drifting away, simply accepting it unless the other person does something to keep it up.
-She once had an “older sister” –like best friend growing up who she was very close to in her village but then her friend moved away two years ago.
-Has an Amethyst necklace hidden away in her fluff, given to her by her grandmother. She adores shiny gems, and so, loves the stone and keeps it close.
-Her grandmother was very over-protective as she grew up, always thinking she was too weak and incapable of taking care of herself because of her appearance when the very opposite was the case.
-She has a fear of ghosts. Ghost pokemon put her on edge.
-She left home in order to expand her world and do what she is indeed capable of, despite what others say or how they react to her. She hopes this will also help her grow, and with this growth, she can live a better life.

:bulletblue: Theme Songs:

:bulletgreen: Saviour - Lights:…
:bulletwhite: Jump - Laura Shigihara:…

:bulletblue:Item: Basic Ribbon

:star: StarLight Striders Log :star:
January Task: Parcel Panic:
Febuary Tasks:…
March Tasks:…
Mission 8: Moondust Misgivings:
May Tasks:

:heart: Special Items :heart:

- Accessory Voucher 1 ((bought for 3 points (Used for Kanga Storage))

:damphyr:Overall Accessories:damphyr:

- Basic Purple Bow (with Shion)
- Basic Teal Ribbon (with Lavi)
- Chic Ribbons (From March Tasks (in Storage))

:music: Artifacts + Such :music:

- Lovely Perfume (From March Tasks (in Storage))
- Beedrill Stinger Powder (From March Tasks (in Storage))
- Carin coin (from June tasks (in Storage))
- Ancient Scroll (With Shion)

:snowflake: Miscellaneous :snowflake:
Shion's Heart Chart:…
SS Badge:…
Shiny Meme:…
Shion's Clothes Sets:…

Shion (c) Me
Lavi (c) :iconmiamaha:
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