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Waaah...have a look if you'd like, but remember that I have more than just pokemon in here! >_>;


PMDU Livestream: Offline by StarLynxWish
PMDU Livestream: Offline


- Due to a sudden influx of annoyances (better known as trolls), I will be quick to ban people who act strange or don't listen to warnings the first time around. If I ban you, you're free to try to calmly convince me to let you back in. Thanks to my Anxiety I'm on constant high alert.
If you believe someone is a troll, do not respond to them. Ask me calmly to ban said person because I may not necessarily be quick to notice who is trying to fit in and who is trying to hurt my feelings. Rest assured, I'm not easy to offend or anger in that regard, don't worry about me. If someone is making you uncomfortable, let me know right away. Even if it's by noting me on DA.

- In case of stream chat being glitchy, please use this one:…

- For your own saftey please do not talk about Magic as Im kinda tired and irritable, so I will have a much smaller meter of patience for questions. If you have interest in magic, go send an ask to Astra on her Tumblr. That's what its for.

Rules of a Request Stream
- WAIT YOUR TURN, I will get to you eventually!
- I will draw the requests in any order that helps me focus, so don't try to remind me, I will likely be aware of your request.
- I keep very close tabs on who I've given a request to, if you have gotten one, you will not get another until I deem it time to give out seconds.
- Requests will vary with what I'm given to draw for the given request, so you may get a full body or a bust or a head shot depending entirely on my mood. 
- DO NOT BITCH AND MOAN ABOUT WHAT I DRAW. I am doing it for you for absolutely free, so if you dont wanna get your ass kicked out of the chat, you'd better respect the fact that I may not want to draw a full body of a certain character or whatever.
- I will not be doing anything NSFW or anything that will make me uncomfortable
- Do not insist if I've refused your request. Either change your request or remain silent.
- Do not drown out other viewers. As a request stream, its likely going to be very busy, but be considerate to others around you. In other words, do not spam the chat. Talking is fine but I will warn you twice about spamming, three strikes and you're out.
- Have references at the ready. Something I absolutely hate doing is trying to draw from pure worded description.
- PMDU stuff Only

Got all that? Feel free to join! 

PS: Join.Me has a wierd cap system now that wont allow more than 10 viewers, so for now Livestream will have to do until I get that sorted out!

Ok so apparently I'm notoriously good at losing my original sims CDs, pack and all, so hopefully if I buy it on Origin I can actually keep em safe for once. I can buy the Sims 3 starter pack, however, I could also buy Sims 4 instead and keep up
19 deviants said Buy Sims 3 (I have a few expansion packs for it already, and I could get started easily with more game to play. However I've also lost the redemption codes for some of my packs which is frustrating)
17 deviants said Buy Sims 4 (I saw Markiplier play it and it seemed to be a lot of fun, but I dont know if its all that great, so I guess some explaining from those who have played it would be nice, the con here is that I have to wait for the expansions as they come out)
4 deviants said If you have anything to say regarding this please just comment!
Rainbow Hive by StarLynxWish
Rainbow Hive
Idk man
I need stuff for my illustration portfolio
this is a painting done all in one layer save for the glow on her eyes and some of the shadows around the pic but yeah
Cat's Eye - Gemsona by StarLynxWish
Cat's Eye - Gemsona

also her gem is between her shoulderblades hidden under her hair 
I do have a more personalized version of her around but Its too sketchy so im posting this horrible attempt at the SU style

Her weapons may be clawed gauntlets, but we'll see.

I haven't decided yet where exactly she comes from but I think she might be a Kindergarden Gem. Im hesitant about this seeing as we dont actually know much about Kindergarden gems yet aha


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom

Commission Prices are here:…

I don't do requests. Ever. Don't ask.
Also don't ask questions without doing at least a LITTLE research. I will not respond happily or politely. Every question Ive gotten in the last month or two have been repitition of the same stupid thing that could be found if they spent two minutes actually looking around at everything I've put an effort into.

Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDukeCommissions - Closed by SweetDukeCollaborations - Closed by SweetDukeGifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeNo Requests by SweetDukeTrades - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Commissions: Closed

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 4, 2014, 6:28 PM
Commissions are Closed

Commissions have been re-opened for a limited time. However, I will be accepting only 5 commissions. Emotes are not available for this one, but reference commissions are. Slots are posted on the Commissions widget to the left of the page, under the stamp collection.

Commission Prices

If you have interest in a commission, NOTE me. I do not wish to discuss details in the comments section.

-- Payment will be managed through PayPal ONLY--

You MUST wait for me to accept or decline your commission before sending me money. I will take any money sent to me without my approval as a donation.
Changing details after money approval will be fined accordingly. The Fee for cancellation is £9.00.

You must have all your information and references ready at hand for all commissions.

:bulletblue: Colourless :bulletblue:

Sketches - £3.00 Pounds

Lineart - £5.00 Pounds

Colouring Fees
+ £2.00 Messy Flat Colours

Backgrounding Fees
+ £0.50 sketchy background
+ £3.00 Lined background

:bulletblue: Coloured :bulletblue: 
All colour commissions are flat coloured and solid/transparent background by default. Fees for more detailed backgrounds/Colouring can be found below.

Chibi - £6.50

Portrait - £8.50

Full Picture - £15.00

Blog Banner - £17.00

Extra Fees
+ £7.00 Per character
+ £5.00 Words

Shading Fees:
+ 0 Flat colours
+ £4.00 My choice shading
+ £6.00 Erase Shaded
+ £5.00 Cell Shaded

Backgrounding Fees:
+ 0 Solid Background
+ 0 Transparent
+ £1.50 Gradient + Figure Brush
+ £5.00 Simple
+ £7.00 Detailed

:bulletblue: Reference Sheets :bulletblue:
Basic Set - £15.00
- Character front/back
- Colour palette
- Basic borders

+ £5.00 Per extra info box
+ £5.00 Specially styled Borders

I will most likely show you progress shots while working on it, or make sure you attend any livestream wherein I’m working on the image.
All images will be flat coloured, except eyes on the main reference, or unless otherwise specified

:bulletblue: DA Avatars :bulletblue:

Still - £0.50

Simple Animation - £4.00 

:bulletblue: Emoticons :bulletblue:

Box Size:
1 Emote - £0.50 (1 Emote of your choice)

Emote Set - 2.50 (5 Emotions of your choice)

Other Sizes are currently unavailable

Avatars and Emotes are currently closed


Depending on what you ask for I will accept or decline your offer, but here is a list of things I will absolutely NOT draw.

NSFW material
This Includes
- Gore
- Sexual Themes
- Graphic Language

My definition of Gore does not include cuts, wounds or the appearance of blood. Just know that I don’t want to draw someone’s insides showing or bones sticking out someplace. Similarly I will refuse to draw dismemberment unless it’s only implied or silhouetted. If you feel uncertain please contact me and I will explain in more detail.

My definition of Sexual Themes does not include flirting, or being close to another. Kisses and hugs do not count as sexual. If you feel uncertain please contact me and I will explain in more detail.

While I don’t mind swearing, using language to describe something of an inappropriate nature will not be accepted. If you feel uncertain please contact me and I will explain in more detail.

Putting it simply, I hate drawing robots and I’m not good at it.

Abuse Promotion
If I don’t agree with the message you’re attempting to deliver in an image. Especially in terms of abuse of any kind, I will decline.

Finally, you DO NOT have permission to post my artwork anywhere.
You must contact and ask me specifically for permission. I will make it clear if you can or cannot post it. Things like Blog Banners for example are exceptions, but once again, I will make it clear whether or not you can use it in or outside of DA.

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icehoundS-705 Featured By Owner May 6, 2015
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Painttool Sai and intuos Wacom tablet
xDarkThunder Featured By Owner May 18, 2015  Student General Artist
Umm, wish could you help me a lottle? I just bought the intuos tablet and I find the pen pressure feature a little annoying .w. is there any way to turn it off?
StarLynxWish Featured By Owner May 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Whats the point of having a tablet if you're gonna turn off the pen pressure? Well I suppose thats not my business but what is it doing exactly that's so annoying?
Using a tablet is very difficult at first since you need to train yourself to have better hand-eye coordination than one would usually have, just keep praticing, the pressure tool will come in much more handly than a regular binary/pixel stroke. 

I have never had to turn off my pen pressure, instead I've had to on multiple occasions had to try to get it to turn on, so Im not sure I can help  a lot
but what I would do is check the pen settings, which are accessible by pressing the second button from the top, but that may differ based on what tablet you have. 

Another way of turning off pen pressure is to just turn it off in whatever program you're using. The pen pressure shouldn't be on outside of a program made to use it. In which case for SAI at least you should be able ot close it from the options menu
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