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Some gifts/fanart/etc. :'D THANKS SO MUCH

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Waaah...have a look if you'd like, but remember that I have more than just pokemon in here! >_>;


PMDU - WC - MGTasks -  Memory Lure - Page 1-2 by StarLynxWish
PMDU - WC - MGTasks - Memory Lure - Page 1-2

PMDU - WC - MGTasks -  Memory Lure - Cover by StarLynxWish << previous::next >> PMDU - WC - MGTasks -  Memory Lure - Page 3-4 by StarLynxWish
Padding along the suburbs of Andallust was a pretty little Sylveon, enjoying the blessing of a near cloudless, bright day. She enjoyed the suns rays warming her back and her ribbons flitted about around her, delighted by the favourable weather.

Pandora’s heterochromic eyes cast about, observing her surroundings and searching for something to pass her time with.

The grass was adorned with a lovely shine, boasting its health to the world. The Sylveon stopped at the edge of Andallust, peering into the forests further away, a frown suddenly taking over her face instead.

“Stupid Braixen…” She grimaced, recalling her failed attempts to ambush said Braixen, often thanks to the pokemon that she found suddenly surrounding the spade-marked witch.

“She even managed to evolve...I thought she was stunted…” The Sylveon sighed. “I need to make up for this some how…” she pondered, glancing over the field.

A small spec of yellow seemed to catch Pandora’s eye as it suddenly moved on the field. Pandora raised herself slightly, trying to catch a better glimpse of what it was. “Could it be…?” she asked. Did fortune come to her at last, so that she could perhaps do her making up at such a near time?  The Sylveon approached the yellow dot, ever carefully planning a way to scare her, to break her down, to evoke self-destruction, all the while she tactically hid behind bushes and buildings before she could finally get a good look at her prey.

To her disappointment, it was not Astra. No, it was a smaller Braixen, with braids made from her ear fur and an abnormally long tail. For a moment the Sylveon pouted, ready to go back on her way when suddenly a memory sparked a connection. She’d seen this Braixen before as well, briefly, but she was there.

She distinctly remembered seeing the tiny Braixen during the time of the ambush, when Astra was still a Fennekin. She was there, huddled up with a Machoke, while the rest of the pokemon were fighting off her gang. She had fled the situation long before anyone had the chance to notice her, but had seen at least that much. A grin crept its way onto her face, a different plan concocting in her mind.

“Oh this will be much better.”

The young Braixen found herself pouncing around the field, enjoying the sight of the dandelion seed heads bursting and the seedlings floating about in the breeze. Each time the seeds would fly away, she giggled, then continued to prance about more.

She was a little bit startled when Pandora glided her way above her, landing into the tall grass just a meter or two away from the little Braixen, ducking so that she was half concealed in the grass. Just as Ciela glanced at her, Pandora bounced up and flicked her tendrils about, bringing a massive amount of seedlings to jet up around the two. She sat back, admiring her work, and Ciela of course was delighted by the abundance of “toys”.

1 by StarLynxWish

Once Pandora caught Ciela’s attention again, the Sylveon hopped into a playful posture, wagging her tail.

“Hi there! I’m Pandora! What’s your name?~” she chirped.

“I’m C-Ciela!” the Braixen replied excitedly, getting closer in curiosity. Pandora simply grinned, and rolled, flicking her feelers about again, bringing more seedlings to take off.

Ciela of course giggled, and mimicked Pandora, also rolling around in the grass. She pouted when the seeds didn’t jump nearly as much as when the Fairy-type did it.

“Do it again, Ribbons! Again!” She squealed, and Pandora stood up, shaking off the attached seeds from her coat.

“I will, but only if you catch me first!~” She yipped, before bounding off in glides, coaxing Ciela to follow along with her antics. Of course the child was after her, calling out that she was cheating for not giving a warning.

For a while, Pandora sprinted about, not allowing Ciela to catch her, though after timing herself briefly, she slowed down, pretending to tire, allowing the Braixen to tackle her down.

“Aww you caught me!” Pandora squealed, and Ciela grabbed the Sylveon’s ribbon, playing with it for a moment in silence. She soon let go.

“Ribbons!! R-Ribbons, your turn!” she giggled before hopping down and racing off. Pan let out a squeak and she chased quickly, trying to catch the elusive little vixen.

This play seemed to go on for a long while, and eventually the Sylveon plopped down into the field, catching Ciela’s attention and she returned to look at the Eeveelution.

“Are you ok, Ribbons?” She questioned, letting herself flop down in front of her, enticing a giggle from the pink cat.

“Oh I’m fine! Just pooped!” Pan expressed, receiving a giggle from Ciela in return.

“So! Got any friends, Ciela~?” She asked, her tail whipping about behind her.

“Oh yeah! Lots of friends!” Giggled the little fox, getting a smile in response from Pan.

“Really?~ Wow you must be really cool! I wish I had so many friends~ Any of ‘em Braixens too?~” Pan inquired bringing Ciela’s eyes to a shine.

“WOBBLES!” cheered Ciela, bringing Pan to protect her ears momentarily by drawing them back. Once it was safe, she turned her ears forward again.

“Wobbles?” She asked, blinking, placing a feeler on her cheek, and tilting her head to the side. Of course she knew who the child was talking about. She had to feign innocence though. “Who’s wobbling?” She questioned.

“Wobbles is!!” She grinned bringing the Sylveon to huff in exasperation.

’This is gonna be harder than I thought…’

“Well!! This Wobbles sounds like a clumsy person! What’s she look like?” Pan ventured, tilting her head.

“She’s got pretty lilac eyes!” Ciela chirped, getting a grin in response from the Sylveon, and her tail wagged. Not exactly the most distinguishing description, but enough for confirmation. She was somewhat surprised though, that Ciela hadn’t mentioned the mark on her forehead right away. It was something Pandora’s eyes always wandered to first. The mark of misfortune, and death. She should know, she researched the symbol. Not for Astra’s sake, of course.

’Well this makes it easier for me at least...if I can make this brat do what I want her to, I can break her down much better.’ Pandora thought. ’She always has been more sensitive to the words and actions of children.’

“She sounds very pretty~” responded Pandora finally, getting a nod from the young vixen.

“Mmhm!! Super pretty! And super nice!”

“I-I’m sorry?” Pan intervened. Ciela simply tilted her head before repeating herself.

“Wobbles is super pretty and super nice!”

Pan’s ears pulled back and she let a half hearted laugh escape her. Nice? Could Astra ever be described with the word? Astra and “nice” were not exactly compatible in the Sylveon’s books, and she forced herself not to retort. After all, thats not what she was here for.

“I uh-- I-I bet she is! Would be a bummer if she wasn’t. I mean you totally wouldn’t hang out with bullies right? You’re too smart for that!” she flattered bringing Ciela to shake her head with a sort of childish pride.

“Nu-uh!” She squeaked. “Wobbles’ no bully!”

Oh how Pandora wanted to protest. She could likely pull up a number of times where the child’s statement contradicted with the truth. The insults, the mockery, the was all very difficult to hold one’s tongue about. But yet again she managed, instead putting on a smile.

“Say, does Wobbles have a spade marking on her forehead?” She questioned, bringing Ciela to raise her ears.

“Y-Yeah! How’d you know, Ribbons?”

“Oh- well I’ve seen her around, you see, she’s of mine!” Pandora grinned, as Ciela gasped audibly.

“Wobbles’ friend?”

“Mmhm! but we haven’t talked in a long time, so dont tell her about me, yeah?~” giggled the actress, as she placed a feeler upon her own lips to ask for secrecy. “I want to surprise her, and you can help me!”

Just before the Braixen could reply, Pandora’s ear whirled back towards town where she heard a very faint voice calling for her conversational partner. She quickly got up, giving a disarming smile to Ciela.

“Hey, I just remembered that I have something I need to do! Let’s play some more later, ok?~”

“O-Oh! Ok R-Ribbons!” Ciela chirped, clinging onto the Sylveon for a moment. Pan giggled before slipping out of the child’s grip, and bounding off into the forest.

Soon enough, Orianna came onto the scene, her breath somewhat short.

“There you are!” She huffed. “What do you think you’re doing!”

The lilac tail-tipped Smeargle was just about to tell off her sister when Ciela suddenly grabbed her hands, looking up at her in a great deal of excitement, as her tail wagged from side to side, despite it’s massive size.

“Ori!” She yipped. “I made a friend!”
PMDU - SS (Ft. Pan) - Intermission - Act Your Age
Re-submitting this, cause I jumped the gun on submitting it before, This happens after Heaven's Light III. Just so we're clear. 

Anyway heres some stuff with Pandoraaa

Previous Chapter: PMDU - WC - Intermission - HLIII - Cover by StarLynxWish
Next Chapter: PMDU - WC - MGTasks -  Memory Lure - Cover by StarLynxWish

Pandora, and Astra (mentioned) are my characters
Skeletal Star (c) :iconairanke:


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Commission Prices are here:…

I don't do requests. Ever. Don't ask.
Also don't ask questions without doing at least a LITTLE research. I will not respond happily or politely. Every question Ive gotten in the last month or two have been repitition of the same stupid thing that could be found if they spent two minutes actually looking around at everything I've put an effort into.

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Commissions: Open

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 4, 2014, 6:28 PM
Commissions are Open

Commission Prices

If you have interest in a commission, NOTE me. I do not wish to discuss details in the comments section.

-- Payment will be managed through PayPal ONLY--

You MUST wait for me to accept or decline your commission before sending me money. I will take any money sent to me without my approval as a donation.
Changing details after money approval will be fined accordingly. The Fee for cancellation is £9.00.

The time it will take to complete a commission depends entirely on my schedule and the complexity of the work. Be patient with your order, as I usually will be prioritizing it.

You must have all your information and references ready at hand for all commissions.

:bulletblue: Colourless :bulletblue:

Sketches - £3.00 Pounds

Lineart - £5.00 Pounds

Colouring Fees
+ £2.00 Messy Flat Colours

Backgrounding Fees
+ £0.50 sketchy background
+ £3.00 Lined background

:bulletblue: Coloured :bulletblue: 
All colour commissions are flat coloured and solid/transparent background by default. Fees for more detailed backgrounds/Colouring can be found below.

Chibi - £6.50

Portrait - £8.50

Full Picture - £15.00

Blog Banner - £17.00

Extra Fees
+ £7.00 Per character
+ £5.00 Words

Shading Fees:
+ 0 Flat colours
+ £4.00 My choice shading
+ £6.00 Erase Shaded
+ £5.00 Cell Shaded
+ £15.00 Painterly

Backgrounding Fees:
+ 0 Solid Background
+ 0 Transparent
+ £1.50 Gradient + Figure Brush
+ £5.00 Simple
+ £7.00 Detailed

:bulletblue: Landscapes :bulletblue:

Rough sketch
Simple - £6.00
Moderate - £10.00
Complex - £ 20.00

Simple -  £ 26.00
Moderate - £ 30.00
Complex - £ 40.00

Painted (No lineart) 
Simple - £ 46.00
Moderate - £ 50.00
Complex - £ 70.00

Lined + Flated 
Simple - £ 46.00
Moderate - £ 56.00
Complex - £ 80.00

Reference Fee:
+ £40.00 Little To No Information
+ £20.00 Lots of Visual Aids but Little to No Description or Vise Versa
+ £ 10.00 Greatly detailed explanation with a lot of visual references. 

Character Fee: 
+ £25.00 Per vital character
+ 50.00 for a crowd

:bulletblue: Reference Sheets :bulletblue:
Basic Set - £15.00
- Character front/back
- Colour palette
- Basic borders

+ £5.00 Per extra info box
+ £5.00 Specially styled Borders

I will most likely show you progress shots while working on it, or make sure you attend any livestream wherein I’m working on the image.
All images will be flat coloured, except eyes on the main reference, or unless otherwise specified

:bulletblue: Variation Designs :bulletblue:

In this commission type, you may give me two pokemon to fuse together to create a fusion of those pokemon. Essentially I will create a fusion design for you. Every fusion will cost for itself.
This is pokemon specific only.

One Fusion - £10.00

Additional Fees
+ £8.00 Adding More Genetics 
+ £10.00 per extra fusion to the set
+ £7.00 to include the "Standard shape"

Shading Fees: 
+ 0 Flat colours
+ £4.00 My choice shading
+ £6.00 Erase Shaded
+ £5.00 Cell Shaded

:bulletblue: DA Avatars :bulletblue:

Still - £0.50

:bulletblue: Emoticons :bulletblue:

Box Size (85x85) :
1 Emote - £1.50 (1 Emote of your choice)

Emote Set - 7.50 (5 Emotions of your choice)

Portrait Size (150x180) :
1 Emote - £2.50 (1 Emote of your choice)

Emote Set - 13.50 (5 Emotions of your choice)


Depending on what you ask for I will accept or decline your offer, but here is a list of things I will absolutely NOT draw.

NSFW material
This Includes
- Gore
- Sexual Themes
- Graphic Language

My definition of Gore does not include cuts, wounds or the appearance of blood. Just know that I don’t want to draw someone’s insides showing or bones sticking out someplace. Similarly I will refuse to draw dismemberment unless it’s only implied or silhouetted. If you feel uncertain please contact me and I will explain in more detail.

My definition of Sexual Themes does not include flirting, or being close to another. Kisses and hugs do not count as sexual. If you feel uncertain please contact me and I will explain in more detail.

While I don’t mind swearing, using language to describe something of an inappropriate nature will not be accepted. If you feel uncertain please contact me and I will explain in more detail.

Putting it simply, I hate drawing robots and I’m not good at it.

Abuse Promotion
If I don’t agree with the message you’re attempting to deliver in an image. Especially in terms of abuse of any kind, I will decline.

Heavy referencing
If your commission description requires me to use my own characters as an almost, if not exact, reference in order to draw the design of YOUR character, I will immediately be uncomfortable and will demand you find another reference, if not decline the commission all together. Whether or not you think much of it, I find the concept, of you having the nerve to ask me to draw my character as yours with a few alterations, to be distasteful in many ways.

Finally, you DO NOT have permission to post my artwork anywhere.
You must contact and ask me specifically for permission. I will make it clear if you can or cannot post it. Things like Blog Banners for example are exceptions, but once again, I will make it clear whether or not you can use it in or outside of DA.

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